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Professional Social Enterprise Services

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Consumer Services

We respect the consumer’s equal rights. We empower the consumer by giving them the control to make decisions. We strive to provide quality services to individuals with disabilities and/or persistent mental illness.

Satisfaction Pledge

If the consumer is not happy with the service, program or residence, we will find an appropriate alternative within 30 days.

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Fast Turnaround

We work diligently to obtain fast results. Service options for the consumer usually available within 5 business days of referral.

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Dedicated Case Manager

We work closely with the consumer to build a relationship so we can assist with connecting the individual’s wants and needs.

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Comprehensive Services

We provide wrap around services via an extensive network of providers ranging from day services outpatient psychiatry and housing.

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All-Inclusive Search

Consumers benefit from our integrated approach. The assessments process helps to ensure that consumers receive all available entitlements.

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Customer Service

Knowledgeable specialists help to educate, guide and inform consumers about community options and answer any questions and/or concerns.

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Provider Services

Let us help you improve your program. We provide consulting services and integrative community based solutions for agencies, companies and programs. Join a network that works.

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Program Improvement

We help companies succeed with individualized plans that help guide the program to sustain continuous improvement.

  • National Accreditation Consulting
  • Corporate Compliance Consulting
  • Startup/Franchise Opportunities
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Discharge Planning

We work with area hospitals, institutions and homeless shelters to provide a stream line process for clients to connect with resources.

  • Community Based Resources
  • Wraparound Service Continuation
  • Planning, Evaluation and Assessment
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Organizational Coordination

We ensure provider/consumer symmetry. Clients receive appropriate candidates according to need, level of care and experience.

  • Medical Placement Services
  • Psychiatric Placement Services
  • Residential Placement Services


Transparent and honest, numerous pricing options available to best suit your company’s needs.



  • Ideal for new or smaller entities
  • Enrollment in our resource directory
  • Monthly in-services on industry standards

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  • Program improvement package
  • Full access to our resource directory
  • Monthly in-services on industry standards

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  • Program management package
  • Full access to our resource directory
  • Monthly in-services on industry standards

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Additional Services

Let us help you achieve more with accreditation, certification, licensure and/or educational courses.


Get answers to frequently asked questions below. If you would like more information, please contact us.

When will I get billed?

Your billing cycle begins the day you purchase a paid plan for the first time. Your credit card will be charged every month. Simple.

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Can I change plans at any time?

Yes. You can upgrade at any time. You can also change between paid plans at any time, the amount will be adjusted for the next billing cycle. When on a paid plan you cannot downgrade to a standard plan however you may cancel your account anytime.

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Can I cancel my account anytime?

Yes. Your account will still be active until the billing cycle you already paid for ends. Your account will be deleted at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

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How to get started?

Contact us to setup a meeting with one of our case managers to talk about plans, options and your needs. The enrollment process starts with an inquiry call or email .

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About Us

Our goal is to provide community based services to enrich the quality of care for consumers and to improve program management for providers. Feel free to send us an email for more information to

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Our Mission

It is the mission of Array Development to empower consumers to have a choice and provide a caring environment in community based settings, as well as to facilitate recovery through supportive services.

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Our Goal

Our Company is committed to providing a safe and secure atmosphere for consumers. Array Development is dedicated to helping families find excellent care in their area. By listening and understanding the individual’s needs, we are able to make recommendations to support individuals with disabilities and their families locate quality providers.

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